Form Builder

Can form builder be installed only on a Windows PC?

eformsign Form Builder is only available on Windows PC. You need Windows 7 or higher operating system and MS Office 2010 or higher to use Form Builder without problems. However, once you have created and uploaded an e-form, you can use this form regardless of your device or operating system, including PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Do I need coding skills to use eformsign?

eformsign is a service that allows anyone to easily convert paper documents into electronic documents without coding skills. Anyone who can use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can create e-documents with eformsign.

Can I attach a file when creating a document?

If you use the attachment component in the form builder, you can attach a file when creating a document.

You can attach image files and PDF files, and the attached files are appended at the last page of the document.

What is eformsign Form Builder?

The form builder is a tool for creating electronic forms to be used in eformsign. It is used for transforming existing paper forms such as application forms, contracts, and agreements to electronic forms that can be inputted into PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and then uploading them to eformsign.

It takes too much time to execute the form builder in Excel.

OZ in Excel pre-checks “Used Range” during conversion to execute the contents of a spreadsheet. If you arbitrarily resize rows or columns, it may take quite some time to recognize the entire resized area as a used area for conversion. In such a case, you can decrease the conversion time using the following method.

  1. Select all the empty cells of the first row in the created document.
  2. Drag the vertical scroll bar on the right with a mouse until it is at the bottom and then select the last row while pressing on the shift key (select range).
  3. Right-click on the row and select the delete menu to delete the entire selected rows.
  4. Delete the columns using the same method.
  5. Save the document and execute it again.
The page count of an Excel document is different in the form builder.

When the form builder is used in Excel, the preview screen that appears when clicking “Execute” in the form builder is generated based on the print area set in the “Print Area” menu under “PAGE LAYOUT”.

If the page count is different than what you expected when executing the builder, then please change the print area.

I can’t see the shapes added to my document in eformsign.

You can see the shapes you added to your Word or PowerPoint document in eformsign. However, this is not the case in Excel as it does not support shape conversion.

If you need to use shapes, please use Word or PowerPoint.

What’s the difference between the check component and the radio component?

The “check” component is used for selecting one or more items among multiple items to choose from while the “radio” component is used for only one item among multiple items to choose from.

When using the “radio” component, you must have the same component ID for all items to be able to select just one item.

When I execute a document on the form builder, the document appears differently than shown on the Microsoft Office program.

A document created on a Microsoft Office program may appear differently when executed on the form builder. This is because of the difference in the composition and method in which documents and electronic documents are displayed on the screen.

For example, there may be instances where after executing the builder, the font looks the same but the text width looks different, resulting in different line breaks.

Therefore, it is recommended to frequently check the execution screen when creating a document using the form builder.

Can you use Excel formulas?

The following is the list of supported Excel functions.

  • Arithmetic
  • Operator precedence
  • Sign
  • Cell reference

The following is the list of supported Excel formulas.

  • IF
  • SUM
  • LEFT
  • MID
What is the purpose of component IDs?

It is a unique identifier used to identify each component. You can use the component ID to specify the characteristics of each component such as edit restrictions and required fields.

Can you use the form builder on mobile devices as well?

The form builder is a PC program and therefore cannot be used on mobile. To use the form builder on Windows PC, make sure that you have Microsoft Office version 2010 or later.

How do you create a form (template)?

The eformsign form builder must be installed in order to create forms.

To install the form builder, Microsoft Office 2010 or later must be installed in Windows PC. You can download it in the form builder download page.

Can I use the form builder in Office 2003 and 2007?

The form builder can only be used in Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions in the Windows environment. Older versions are not supported.