Creating and Sending Documents

Can I use the same fonts used in the existing document?

The fonts recommended in eformsign are Noto Sans, Noto Serif, Open Sans, and Roboto. If you want to use other fonts, we recommend that you convert the file into PDF and then upload it to eformsign.

How do I make it so that a signature is required to be signed by the recipient?

When designing a form (in the Design form screen) while creating a template, make sure to add a signature field and then set that field to be required to be signed by the participant by checking the appropriate check box under Required in the Who can fill this out option.

By doing this, if you create a document from that template, then the signature field will be flashing in red when the participant receives the document. If the participant does not fill in the required field, then he/she cannot submit the document.

A document was completed right after creating a document from a template. How do I send a review and sign request to a customer?

This occurred because the workflow was never set for the template. When configuring a template, make sure to set the workflow with recipients.

How many documents can I create at once using the Send in bulk feature?

When creating documents using the Send in bulk feature, if you upload data using Excel, you can create and send up to 1,000 documents at once. If you enter data manually, then you can create and send up to 200 documents at once.

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I am resending a document. How do I set a document password for it?

Go to Template settings > Configure > Workflow and click on a participant or reviewer step. Then, on the right, scroll down to Identity verification and tick the Require document password check box. Now, the document recipient in that step will have to enter a password in order to open the document. If you have already sent a document without setting this option in the template, then the document recipient can open the document without entering a password.

Can you download multiple documents at once?

In eformsign, you can download up to 20 documents at once per page.

If you need to download more at once, then connect with an external cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and store completed documents there. You can then download documents from the external cloud storage.

If I change the language used in eformsign, will emails also be sent in that language?

No, even if the language is changed, emails won’t be sent in that language.

eformsign sends notifications or notices in the language of the country selected when signing up for an account.

If you need to send notifications or emails in a language other than the country selected when creating an account, then you can edit the notification template you want in the desired language.

I am trying to send a document via SMS. Can I edit the content of the text message?

Yes. You can edit the content of the text message you want to sent.

1. Go to Manage templates > Template settings > Configure > Workflow.
2. Click on a recipient step in the workflow and then click the Edit notification message button under Properties on the right.
3. Edit the content in the pop-up window displayed and then click the Save button when done.

Can you review a document again after submitting it?

The URL of a document review and sign request is for document submission and cannot be opened again after submission even if you click the URL.

When a document is completed, it is also sent to the participants of the document. If you did not receive a completed document, please contact the document requester.

Can you save a document as a draft while creating a document?

Yes. You can save a document as a draft. If you click the Save as draft button when creating a document from New from template, the document will be saved in Action required as a draft.

What’s the different between ‘New from my file’ and ‘New from template’?

There are two ways you can create documents in eformsign.

1. New from my file: You send a document to recipients by creating a document from a file you uploaded from your PC. It is good for sending a document just once.

2. New from template: You send a document to recipients by creating a document from a template you uploaded to eformsign. For documents you send frequently, it is recommended to upload a template and create and send documents from it.

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Can you pre-fill data in documents via API integration?


After matching the data values in the in-house system with field IDs, you can set documents to be created automatically during document creation.

For more information, refer to the API Manual.

Is it possible to have members come to my company’s homepage and fill out forms there?

Yes, this is possible through embedding.

For more information, refer to the API documentation.

Can I create an unlimited number of contracts?

You can upload an unlimited number of templates of contracts. However, any time you create a document from a template, it will be counted as a created document. Note that there is a limit to the number of documents that can be created per month according to the subscription, and if the number of created documents exceeds the limit, then extra charges will be incurred.

I cannot see a template I was using in the ‘New from template’ page.

A template you were using may have not been shown due to the following reasons.

①The document expiration set for the template has expired.

②The maximum number of documents that can be created has exceeded.

③A template manager has deactivated the template.

Please contact the company administrator or a template manager of the company you belong to.

Can I upload and use an existing document file?

The following are the file formats that can be uploaded to eformsign: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files. The maximum allowable file size is 9MB.

Can I attach a file when creating a document?

Yes. If you use the attachment field, you can attach a file when creating a document.

You can attach image files and PDF files, and the attached files are appended to the last page of the document.

When is a document counted as a created document?

A document is counted as a created document when it is available to be opened in a document box.

When you create a document using New from template, the document count is incremented the moment the document is saved in eformsign by clicking Save as draft, Send, or Complete.

When you create a document using New from my file, the document count is incremented the moment you click the Send button after clicking Start now. However, if you save the document as a draft by clicking the Save as a draft button before clicking Start now, the document count is not incremented.

Once a document is created, it counts as just one document created throughout the course of the workflow.

Can I void a document that has been sent?

Yes. After sending a document to a recipient, you can void that document whether it’s because you incorrectly entered wrong recipient information, you need to make some edits, etc.

Once a document is sent, you can view it in the In progress document box. You can void a document by clicking the Void  button under the name of the document.

Note that even if you void a document, the voided document still counts as a created document.

What happens to rejected documents?

When a document is rejected, the document returns to the previous step right before the document rejection. This step can be a Participant step (member) or Reviewer step (member) or the Start step.

The content of the document itself also goes back to the status of the applicable step. For example, if the document goes back to a Participant/Reviewer step, the content of the document goes back to what it was at that Participant/Reviewer step, and if the document goes back to the start step, the content of the document does back to what it was at the Start step.

The document in the In progress document box is shown as Reject.

If you turn on the notifications for “When documents are rejected” in Template settings > Notification settings, then notifications will be sent when documents are rejected.

What’s the difference between a “step” and “status” of a document?
  • Step: “Step” indicates a step that is set in a workflow. Based on the needs of each workflow in the form of START-COMPLETE, you can add different steps which are Participant, Reviewer, and Need to view.
  • Status: “Status” indicates the status of the step in which a document is currently in such as In progress, Completed, and Voided.
Is it possible to verify the signer’s identity?

In eformsign, when requesting a signature from a signer, you can set multiple levels of authentication to verify that the signer really is him/her.

  • Email/SMS verification: Before opening a document, the signer must enter the PIN sent to their email address/mobile number.
  • Password verification: Before opening a document, the signer must enter the password set by the document creator.
I made changes to a template, but the changes aren’t applied when creating a new document out of it.

To be able to create a new document out of an updated template with the changes applied, you need to deploy the template first.

If you do not deploy a template after making changes to it, then the changes may not be applied to the template.

Templates that have been changed but not yet deployed are indicated with a red dot right above the template name in the “Template Management” menu.

You can deploy a template by clicking the “see more” button (︙) and then selecting “Deploy”.

Changes are applied only to documents created after the template is deployed.