Subscription and Payment

Can you use all features once you subscribe to a plan?

Yes, once you subscribe, you can use all features as well as a variety of additional features.

However, please note that using additional features will generate additional fees (equal to the amount used) in addition to the subscription fee. Also, the API/Webhook feature is not available in the Personal plan.

  • SMS (local): $0.02 USD
  • SMS (international): $0.1 USD / When a notification is sent to an overseas phone number, then it is sent as an international SMS
  • Timestamp: $0.5 USD / Prevents document forgery. Proves that the document has not changed since a certain point in time.
Can you pay by a debit card?

Yes. You can add a debit or credit card as the payment card on eformsign.

However, please note that if you are adding a corporate card, you can add the ones that have the cardholder name on the front of the card, but you can’t add the ones that do not have a cardholder name on the front.

Instead of subscribing to a plan, can I use eformsign by signing a contract (e.g. yearly contract)?

Yes, it’s possible.

For customers with inconsistent monthly usage or those who are unable to add a corporate credit card due to their company’s policy, you can use eformsign via an enterprise contract instead of subscribing to a monthly plan.

For inquiries, please contact eformsign Team.

Please note that an enterprise contract has a pre-payment condition after the issuance of the tax invoice and no refund is available even if you do not use all the documents allowed for the contract time period.

Do I need to pay for my subscription in advance (prepay)?

No. eformsign is a post-pay service. For each type of subscription plan, there are limits to the number of accounts you can create and the number of documents that can be created per month. Additional charges apply when you create documents over the monthly limit or use an *additional option (e.g. timestamp, SMS, etc.). The prices shown in the pricing page are VAT excluded and it may differ for each country.

Will I be subscribed to a paid plan automatically after the free trial period ends?

No. eformsign does not ask for your payment card information in order to sign up for a free trial. Furthermore, even if you add payment card information, you will not be billed or charged until you subscribe to a paid plan.

I want to switch from the free trial to a paid plan.

Go to Billing > Change plan in the sidebar.

Click on the Subscribe button of the desired plan. If a payment card is not added, then you’ll be directed to the Payment method settings page. After adding a payment card, if you select the desired plan, then your plan will be changed to that plan immediately. Note that if you are already on a paid plan, then the new plan will be applied from the first day of the following month.

If you switch from the free trial to the Personal plan, then all members other than the company administrator will be deactivated. If you switch to a paid plan other than the personal plan, then the number of members activated will depend on the number of members supported by that paid plan.

I want to change my payment card.

Only the company administrator can change the payment card.

Go to Billing > Payment method settings > Add payment method in the sidebar to change the payment card.

If a contract is canceled or rejected, will the number of documents created still be incremented?

Yes. The moment you click the [Send] button after creating a document in ‘New from my file‘ or ‘New from template‘, it will count as a document created. Regardless of whether a contract is canceled or rejected, it counts as a document created, and tis deducted from the number of documents that can be created under your subscription plan.

I do not plan to create any documents for a while. Can I pause my subscription?

There is no feature for pausing a subscription. However, if you want to only store documents after you have stopped your subscription, then contact the eformsign team.

What happens if charges are overdue?

If payment has not been processed because the registered card limit has been exceeded or the card has expired, a payment failure email is sent and payment is retried at regular intervals.

After 1 day has passed since the initial payment failure, the company’s status changes to overdue, and the service use becomes restricted after 7 days have passed.

If you need any help, please contact the eformsign team.

Where can I see my payment history?

You can view your payment history by logging into eformsign and clicking ‘Billing’->’Real-time Billing’ in the sidebar on the left. Note that this menu can be accessed only by the company administrator.

When is the payment date?

Billing and payment for eformsign usage in the previous month (first to last day of the month) are made on the 1st and the 7th day of every month, respectively. Invoices and receipts are sent to the administrator’s email address or to the user’s billing email address.

Can I switch between paid plans when currently on a paid plan?

Yes, you can. However, you can switch paid plans only once per month.

If you are switching from the free trial to a paid plan, the new plan will take effect immediately.

If you are switching between paid plans, the new plan will take effect from the first date of the following month.

To change your plan, go to Billing > Change plan in the sidebar.

Also, when changing plans, please do it using a PC.

Is it possible to pay for paid plans by cash?

Yes, you can pay for paid plans by cash. Please contact us via the Support page to inquire about the paid plan and payment method you wish to use.

Do paid plans’ user account count include inactive members?

No. Inactive members are not counted.

The user count is the sum of active and invited members of your company.

User count = active members + invited members

Therefore, inactive members are not included in the user count of your company.

What are the accepted payment methods?

The following are the payment methods we currently accept.

  • Visa Online
  • Visa Debit
  • MasterCard Debit
  • Japan Credit Bureau
  • American Express
  • MasterCard Online
  • UnionPay

* eformsign does not store any card information.

I want a refund on my paid plan.

eformsign’s paid plan is billed on a pay-as-you-go basis where you only pay for what you use each month. Since you are billed only for what you use, no refund is available.

However, if there is an overcharge, a refund will be available, and the refund will be paid out in the same method as in payment.