Managing Groups and Members

Can you make it so that documents created by members in a group can be viewed by all the members in that group?

Yes, you can do that for each template.

You can give a group the document management permission for a template.

To do so, login with the company administrator account and give the document management permission in Template settings > Set permissions > Document management. Now, all the members in the group will be able to view the all the documents created from that template.

> Learn more about eformsign permissions

What is a member?

When a person signs up on eformsign for the first time, a company is created based on the information entered by the person.

The company administrator permission is grant to the account that created the company, and the company administrator can invite members to the company so that he/she can use eformsign together with members. The number of members that can be invited differs according to each paid plan.

How do you delete a member or group?

Only the company administrator can delete a member or group.

Deleting a member
1. Login to eformsign as the company administrator.
2. Go to Manage company > Manage members.
3. 활Click the trash icon at the top right corner.
4. Select the member you want to delete by checking the checkbox next to the member and then click the Delete button.

Deleting a group
1. Login to eformsign as the company administrator.
2. Go to Manage company > Manage groups.
3. Click the trash icon at the top right corner in the Manage groups page.
4. Check the group you want to delete and then click Yes.

*Notes regarding group deletion
✔ You cannot restore a deleted group.
✔ You won’t be able to use any templates used or managed by a group or a member within the group.

Do paid plans’ user account count include inactive members?

No. Inactive members are not counted.

The user count is the sum of active and invited members of your company.

User count = active members + invited members

Therefore, inactive members are not included in the user count of your company.