Manage and Store eDocuments

Document Archive

The eDoc archive feature helps reduce manual work on archiving e-documents

Reliable eDocuments Storage with Amazon S3

All data in eformsign are encrypted and saved to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service); designed for data durability as it automatically creates and stores copies of data in at least 3 different data centers! The data centers are geographically separated and highly secured. For an extra layer of security, a two-factor authentication (2FA) is required to access information at any of the data centers.

Integrate with your cloud storage

Fret not if you are using other cloud storages, all eDocuments can be stored on third-party cloud storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, box, and OneDrive. However, only completed eDocuments can be stored.

How to integrate with third-party cloud storages

  • Login to eformsign, go to the main menu.
  • Go to Integration > Cloud Storage Settings.
  • Integrate with a cloud storage for storing documents.
  • Go to the Main menu > Manage templates.
  • Go to 'Template settings' by selecting a template.
  • Go to 'Workflow' and click on the 'Complete' step
  • Select the 'Backup completed documents in external cloud storages' option and save the changes.

Only company administrators have the ability to integrate with a cloud storage.

eDocuments That Last Forever

Afraid that the document would not open up after 5 years?

eformsign saves all eDocuments in PDF/A-1 format, ensuring data preservation. It is an ISO-standardized version of the Portable Document Format (PDF) specialized for the archival and long-term preservation of eDocuments. PDF/A-1 displays the eDocument as it is when it was first created regardless of the user's computer environment or language.

FAQs on Document Archive

  • How do I download documents? open
    Documents can be downloaded in PDF format by clicking the download icon in the 'Completed' page. A document manager may view or download all accessible documents in the 'Manage documents' page.
  • Can someone else view the documents that I have created? open
    Only document managers of the company (with given access to the given template) can view or download the document.
  • Can I download documents in CSV format in the 'Completed' page? open
    You can download CSV files in the 'Completed' page. Also, admins and document managers with given permission can download CSV files from the 'Manage documents' page.