Using eformsign

How do I set SMS notifications?

You can do it in the workflow.

Select the desired template in the Manage templates page,click Configure at the top, and click the Workflow tab on the left.

Then, click the desired step and tick the SMS checkbox under the Notification option in Properties on the right.

*Each SMS notification message sent incurs a fee of $0.1 USD.

It says token expired when uploading via Form Builder.

When creating a template using Form Builder, an Internet Explorer Window is opened within MS Office and the login value is retrieved.

This means the login information has expired, so please try logging in again.

It takes too much time to execute (preview) and upload the document in Excel.

To execute (preview) the content of a sheet, OZ in Excel pre-inspects the used range during the conversion process. If a cell or row is arbitrarily adjusted, then it may take a long time to convert the entire adjusted area to be recognized as the used area. In this case, you can reduce the conversion time by following the below instructions.

  1. Selects the entire first empty row after the created document area.
  2. Drag the vertical bar on the right with the mouse and drag it until the bottom of the screen. Then, press the Shift key and then select the last row.
  3. Right-click on the row and select Delete in the pop-up menu displayed to delete the entire  row.
  4. Delete columns in the same way.
  5. Save the document and execute again.
I can’t see the OZ in Office ribbon menu when I open an MS Office program.

Follow the steps below to enable to disabled OZ in Office ribbon menu.

  1. Go to File > Options
  2. Click Add-ins and select Disabled items in the drop-down menu next to the Manage item. Then, click the Go… button.
  3. Click OZ in Office in the list of Disabled Items and then click the Enable button.
  4. Close all MS Office files and open an MS Office program to see if the menu is now shown.


If the above does not work, then manually change the registry as follows.

  1. Close all Excel, PowerPoint, and Word programs and open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Then, check whether any of the Excel.exe, POWERPNT.exe, and WINWORD.exe processes are running.
  2. Press the Windows key + r to open Run, and then enter regedit to open the registry editor.
  3. Enter the below path in the Registry Editor window and then delete folders such as FORCS.OZinExcel (this step is for deleting OZ in Office registered in MS office).
    Excel: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\FORCS.OZinExcel
    Word: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\FORCS.OZinWord
    PowerPoint: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\FORCS.OZinPPT
  4. Enter the below path in the Registry Editor window and then double-click the Loadbehavior file of each folder and change the value to ‘3’ (always running OZ in Office registered in MS Office).
    Excel: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\FORCS.OZinExcel
    Word: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\FORCS.OZinWord
    PowerPoint: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Office\Excel\Addins\FORCS.OZinPPT
  5. Open Excel, PowerPoint, or Word and check to see whether OZ in Office is shown. If not shown, then close all Registry Editors and enter %systemroot%\syswow64\regedit instead of regedit in Step 2. Then, retry steps 3 and 4 (change 64bit registry).
Can I use the same fonts used in the existing document?

The fonts recommended in eformsign are Noto Sans, Noto Serif, Open Sans, and Roboto. If you want to use other fonts, we recommend that you convert the file into PDF and then upload it to eformsign.

I uploaded an Excel file with formula, but the formula is not applied.

Each component is a unique key value that is recognized in eformsign. Therefore, if there are duplicate IDs, a calculation error will occur when referring to the value.

Hence, cells containing different values must have different IDs.

Moreover, a cell from which the final value of a formula is derived does not require an input component.

if a text component is added, it is recognized as a space entered by the user and no calculation value is entered. Therefore, you need to delete all the components in the cell and specify only the ID.

How do I make it so that a signature is required to be signed by the recipient?

When designing a form (in the Design form screen) while creating a template, make sure to add a signature field and then set that field to be required to be signed by the participant by checking the appropriate check box under Required in the Who can fill this out option.

By doing this, if you create a document from that template, then the signature field will be flashing in red when the participant receives the document. If the participant does not fill in the required field, then he/she cannot submit the document.

I deleted a document request message I received via an SMS. Can I restore it?

If you deleted a document document request/completion message received via an SMS, you can request the document to be sent you again.


1. If you deleted a text message requesting you to signing a document: If you deleted a document request message without signing it, then you ask the document requester to resend you the document via SMS.

2. If you deleted a document completion text message: If you deleted a document completion text message, then you can no longer download the completed document and audit trail certificate files from that text message. If you need those files, then please ask them from the document requester.


※Deleting a contract is the user’s choice, and eformsign is not liable for the consequences of the deletion.

I am not receiving any emails from eformsign.

1. When using an email service provider – check the spam mailbox
Emails might sometimes be categorized as spam by some email service providers, so please check the spam mailbox. As well, make sure to mark the email as a favorite so that it won’t be in the spam mailbox again. If you are using Gmail, then check whether the email is in the Social or Promotions tab, or the Spam box.

2. When using a groupware
(A) The groupware service’s own spam-out server may recognize eformsign’s emails as spam and refuse to receive emails. In this case, please contact the person in charge of the groupware or the company that uses it and then enable the server to receive emails from eformsign.

(B) If you create an email account from a groupware and using it right it away, it make take some time before emails are received properly. If you still don’t receive emails even after enough time has passed, then please contact the eformsign team.

f you are using an email plugin, you can change the settings so that it doesn’t recognize eformsign emails as spam.

A document was completed right after creating a document from a template. How do I send a review and sign request to a customer?

This occurred because the workflow was never set for the template. When configuring a template, make sure to set the workflow with recipients.

What kind of documents are stored in the Drafts document box?

When creating a document via New from my file, documents saved intermediately by clicking the Save as a draft button before clicking the Start now button are saved in the Drafts document inbox.

For more information, see the link below.


How many documents can I create at once using the Send in bulk feature?

When creating documents using the Send in bulk feature, if you upload data using Excel, you can create and send up to 1,000 documents at once. If you enter data manually, then you can create and send up to 200 documents at once.

> Learn more about the eformsign Send in Bulk feature

I am resending a document. How do I set a document password for it?

Go to Template settings > Configure > Workflow and click on a participant or reviewer step. Then, on the right, scroll down to Identity verification and tick the Require document password check box. Now, the document recipient in that step will have to enter a password in order to open the document. If you have already sent a document without setting this option in the template, then the document recipient can open the document without entering a password.

Can I delete a completed document notification email?

1. It is recommended that you do not delete it. If you must delete it, them make sure to download and save the completed document file and the audit trail certificate file somewhere before deleting it.

2. If you delete the email, then you are also deleting the files attached. You can’t request the person who requested the document to get the document to be sent to you again.

※Deleting a contract is a choice made by the user, and eformsign is not liable for the consequences of the deletion.

I can’t download a document in the Completed document box.

A temporary error may have occurred when converting a completed document to a PDF file.

Please provide the eformsign service team with the document ID and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

*How to view the document ID: Go to the In progress, Action required, or Completed document box and click the column icon at the top right corner of the page and tick the Document ID check box. You can view the document ID for each document.

Can you create a template from a Microsoft Office file?

Yes. There are two ways you can create a template from a Microsoft Office file.

Click Manage templates in the eformsign sidebar menu and upload the Microsoft Office file you want to create a template out of.

Another way is to install the Microsoft Office add-in (Form Builder) provided by eformsign and add fields to a Microsoft Office file and upload it to eformsign.

The add-in can be installed in Microsoft Office 2010 or later in Windows PC, and you can download it by clicking Download form builder.

Can you download multiple documents at once?

In eformsign, you can download up to 20 documents at once per page.

If you need to download more at once, then connect with an external cloud storage such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and store completed documents there. You can then download documents from the external cloud storage.

If I change the language used in eformsign, will emails also be sent in that language?

No, even if the language is changed, emails won’t be sent in that language.

eformsign sends notifications or notices in the language of the country selected when signing up for an account.

If you need to send notifications or emails in a language other than the country selected when creating an account, then you can edit the notification template you want in the desired language.

I am trying to send a document via SMS. Can I edit the content of the text message?

Yes. You can edit the content of the text message you want to sent.

1. Go to Manage templates > Template settings > Configure > Workflow.
2. Click on a recipient step in the workflow and then click the Edit notification message button under Properties on the right.
3. Edit the content in the pop-up window displayed and then click the Save button when done.

Can you download the data entered into a document as a CSV file?

Yes. There are two ways to download the data entered into a document.

1. You can download the data entered into a document by clicking the Export to CSV file icon and then selecting the document you want in the Completed inbox.

2. Go to Integration > Analytics and reporting in the sidebar and connect with Google Sheets or Excel by clicking the Connect button. Then, add a data connection for a template by clicking the Add data connection button and save the settings. Now, you can get the data entered in documents created with that template in a spreadsheet format.

Can you review a document again after submitting it?

The URL of a document review and sign request is for document submission and cannot be opened again after submission even if you click the URL.

When a document is completed, it is also sent to the participants of the document. If you did not receive a completed document, please contact the document requester.

What’s the difference between voiding and deleting a document?

Deleting means you are removing a document that is completed or voided while in progress, hence it is deleted from the eformsign cloud space. Voiding means voiding a document while it is in progress, hence it remains in the eformsign cloud space.

Can you save a document as a draft while creating a document?

Yes. You can save a document as a draft. If you click the Save as draft button when creating a document from New from template, the document will be saved in Action required as a draft.

What do you need to do in order to send a document completion notification to the recipient?

Go to Manage templates > Template Settings > Notification settings > ‘When documents are completed’. Then, specify whether the document creator and/or step handler will receive a notification upon completion of the document by checking the check boxes as well as specifying the type of recipients (member, non-member, and all) by selecting the drop-down menu next to the check boxes.

Are there any restrictions on how long or how many documents can be stored?

No. Documents created or completed using eformsign are stored without any limitations of the storage period or capacity.

However, if you are not subscribed to a paid plan after the free trial is over, there will be some restrictions to features such as downloading documents, and you will only be able to view documents. If you subscribe to a plan within 30 days, you can continue using the existing data.

※Upon completion of a contract, the completed document is also delivered to the email in which the document was signed and you can view the document there without the need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Can you save a signature and use it whenever you need to sign a document?

Yes. You can add a signature/initial/stamp to eformsign and use them.

Add your signature/initial/stamp in My signature in the sidebar menu and your signature/initial/stamp will be inserted automatically when signing.

What’s the different between ‘New from my file’ and ‘New from template’?

There are two ways you can create documents in eformsign.

1. New from my file: You send a document to recipients by creating a document from a file you uploaded from your PC. It is good for sending a document just once.

2. New from template: You send a document to recipients by creating a document from a template you uploaded to eformsign. For documents you send frequently, it is recommended to upload a template and create and send documents from it.

> Learn more about creating documents in eformsign

Can you replace/modify the file of a template?


1. Templates created using Web Form Designer: To change the file of a template, click the template settings icon (gear icon) of the desired template in Manage templates and right-click on the document in the Design form page. Then, click Replace file to select the file you want as the replacement. The new file will be applied and the components, workflow, etc. of the template will remain unchanged.

2. Templates created using Form Builder: Download the Microsoft Office file of the desired template in Manage templates. Then, modify the file and upload it by clicking the Upload button in Word/Excel/PowerPoint and click the template you want to replace/modify. The file will be changed with all the existing configurations remaining unchanged.

Can you transfer documents from one member to another?

Yes. You can transfer documents from one member to another by using the Transfer documents feature.

Go to Manage company > Manage members in the sidebar and click the Transfer documents button on the top right corner. Then, select the member you want to transfer documents from and the member you want to transfer documents to. Then, click Confirm to transfer the documents.

If you want to transfer only some documents, click the File tab and select the member you want to transfer documents from. This will enable the Download document list button. Click the button to download the Excel file and delete the rows of the documents you do not want to transfer and then save the file. Then, select the member you want to transfer documents to and upload the file you saved. Finally, click [Confirm] to transfer only the documents specified in the Excel file.

What is the label field?

It is a field that gets the value entered in the field.

In an Excel cell with a formula to calculate the sum of the costs entered in each component, it is useful when you want to extract the value entered in that cell as data and download it as a csv.

You can enter data in advance and make it not editable.

Do you need to affix a seal?

If you are writing a contract electronically using eformsign, you do not need to affix a seal. A seal is used to prevent manipulation of documents and to check forgery, and there is no legal obligation.

When conducting an electronic contract using eformsign, the actions of both the document requester and the participant are recorded in the audit trail certificate. Upon completion of the document, you can download the audit trail certificate along with the completion document and send it to the participant.

As well, you can check the authenticity of the document through the audit trail certificate as well as using a timestamp for a more reliable means of forgery verification. A timestamp is used for proving the status of a document at a certain point in time. Note that the timestamp is an additional option and incurs a fee of 0.5 USD per timestamp.

Can you create templates via API integration?

No. You can only create templates in eformsign.

However, through embedding, you can make it so that the template creation screen can be used in the customer’s screen.


>View the API manual

Can you pre-fill data in documents via API integration?


After matching the data values in the in-house system with field IDs, you can set documents to be created automatically during document creation.

For more information, refer to the API Manual.

Is it possible to have members come to my company’s homepage and fill out forms there?

Yes, this is possible through embedding.

For more information, refer to the API documentation.

Can I check the document status from my company’s website?

Yes, it is possible through webhook connection.

It is possible to send notifications to the website specified with the webhook feature.

For information on webhook integration, refer to the API documentation.

Can I download a PDF file of a document created via API?

Yes, this is possible.

After receiving the final completion notification with the webhook, use the PDF download open API to download the document as PDF and save it to a desired location.

>View the API manual

Can I create an unlimited number of contracts?

You can upload an unlimited number of templates of contracts. However, any time you create a document from a template, it will be counted as a created document. Note that there is a limit to the number of documents that can be created per month according to the subscription, and if the number of created documents exceeds the limit, then extra charges will be incurred.

How do you get the document ID of a completed document when integrating with an API?

The following is describes how to get the document ID of a completed document.

  1. When you create a document with the open API, the document ID result is sent to you as a response when you make a request.
  2. When you create a document through embedding, then the document ID is sent to you via the callback function set by the customer.

>View the API manual

I cannot see a template I was using in the ‘New from template’ page.

A template you were using may have not been shown due to the following reasons.

①The document expiration set for the template has expired.

②The maximum number of documents that can be created has exceeded.

③A template manager has deactivated the template.

Please contact the company administrator or a template manager of the company you belong to.

I accidentally voided a document in ‘Action required’. Can I restore it?

Once you void a document, it cannot be restored in the current step. In this case, request the person who sent the document to resend it to you.

What is the ‘Analytics and reporting’ submenu under the ‘Integration’ menu for?

The ‘Analytics and reporting’ feature allows you to connect to Google Sheets/Excel, and extract the data entered in your eformsign documents to Google Sheets/Excel and manage the data.

If you select a template you want to connect data with, then the data in the documents created with that template are automatically extracted to Google Sheets or Excel.

Can I upload and use an existing document file?

The following are the file formats that can be uploaded to eformsign: PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and image files. The maximum allowable file size is 9MB.

Can someone steal my signature or stamp?

Just because you use a stamp or signature of the same shape does not mean it’s legally binding. A contract is legally binding only when it can be proven that the parties have agreed to its contents. In eformsign, the activities of all participants are recorded electronically via identity verification and audit trail certificates. Therefore, even someone signs a contract by stealing your signature or stamp, you can prove that the contract wasn’t signed by you.

1. Provides identity verification methods (email/SMS pin code verification, and document password)
2. Provides audit trail certificates to all participants (time for each step of the contract, IP address, browser, device, etc.).

Are electronic contracts between companies legally binding? I am concerned about legal disputes.

Electronic contracts are legally binding for company-to-individual and individual-to-individual contracts.

However, for company-to-company contracts, the party who requested the signing of the contract must prove the validity of the signature in a legal dispute.

Therefore, in order to prepare for possible legal disputes, you can use the ‘attachment component’ to require the attachment of supporting documents such as the power of attorney, certificate of incorporation, corporate seal, and corporate seal certificate to the documents.

This way, you can prove that the signer is qualified to sign on behalf of the company.

Additionally, eformsign provides audit trail certificates for electronic documents created using eformsign, which record signature history and related information (such as identity verification, access date, IP address, and signature log) for document validity and non-repudiation.

Can Form Builder be installed only on a Windows PC?

eformsign Form Builder is only available on Windows PC. You need Windows 7 or higher operating system and MS Office 2010 or higher to use Form Builder without problems. However, once you have created and uploaded an e-form, you can use this form regardless of your device or operating system, including PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Do my clients need to sign up for eformsign?

Your client does not have to sign up for eformsign.

If you know the client’s mobile number or email address, you can send a signature request link via SMS or email, Once signed, the link will expire and the client will not be able to access the document.

You can also send a copy of the document (e.g. contract) to the client when the document is completed.

Do I need coding skills to use eformsign?

eformsign is a service that allows anyone to easily convert paper documents into electronic documents without coding skills. Anyone who can use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can create e-documents with eformsign.

Are eformsign’s e-signatures legally-binding?

Electronic signatures have become legally binding in phases in the vast majority of countries around the world. eformsign’s e-signature is legally-binding for individual-to-individual and corporation-to-individual contracts. As well, it provides various additional features for non-repudiation.

The following describes the legal effect of electronic signatures in some regions.

  • USA: Through the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) enacted in 1999 and the Electronic Signature in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) enacted in 2000, electronic signatures that meet specific requirements are recognized to have the same legal effect as wet signatures. There are four main requirements that must be met in order for an electronic signature to be legally binding: the intention of signing (signer certification), the intention and consent, the record of the signing process, and the preservation of the signature. Currently, 48 states in the United States have adopted electronic signature acts, and as a result, electronic signatures are recognized as having the same legal effect as handwritten signatures in almost all transactions.
  • EU: In accordance with eIDAS (Electronic Identification and Trust Services) regulations, all types of electronic signatures are recognized as legally effective and binding. They are categorized into Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES), Advanced Electronic Signatures (AdES), and general Electronic signatures, and their legal status is applied accordingly, corresponding to the characteristics of each type of document.
  • Korea: According to the Digital Signature Act, the legality of an electronic document or signature is not denied because it is in an electronic format. As well, the monopolistic status of the certificate authority has been abolished and the same legal effect is given to a variety of commercial electronic signature services. In addition, the monopoly status of accredited certificates has been abolished and the same legal effect is given to a variety of private digital signature services.
  • Japan: The legal effect of electronic signatures is recognized in accordance with laws on electronic signature and certification services.

Information related to the legal effect of electronic contracts and electronic signatures provided by eformsign is for general information purposes only. All information is used at your own risk and is not a substitute for professional legal advice. For legal advice and defense, please consult a qualified attorney in your area. Since eformsign cannot guarantee that all legal information of electronic contracts by country/region/technology provided by eformsign is up-to-date or accurate, eformsign makes no warranty, express or implied, as to the completeness of the legal information.

What’s the difference between an E-signature and digital signature?

An E-signature is a signature in an electronic format that replaces the role of a traditional wet ink signature. When signing electronically, you must go through a verification process that proves that the signer is him/herself just like when a person signs in the traditional wet signature method.

When verifying one’s identity, email, social security number, password, phone number, and digital certificate are used as a means of identity verification.

Typically, E-signatures go through a 1-step verification process, but users can choose to have a 2-step verification process according to user-defined settings. This results in a more secure and reliable identity verification.

A digital signature is a type of E-signature that differs from E-signature in that it goes through a specific method of identity verification. A digital signature uses a certificate-based digital ID to verify the signer’s identity and proves the authenticity of the signature in a document through encryption.

While a digital signature has the advantage of being more legally-binding, its disadvantage is that all the people signing electronically must have a digital signature issued to them in order to sign.

Can I attach a file when creating a document?

Yes. If you use the attachment field, you can attach a file when creating a document.

You can attach image files and PDF files, and the attached files are appended to the last page of the document.

Can I use eformsign on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, you can use eformsign on smartphones and tablet PCs, we you can also download and use eformsign apps on mobile.

You can download the app on App Store and Google Play. For Android, version 5.0 (lollipop) and later are supported. For iOS, version 6.1.6 and later are supported.

Note that you do not need to install an app to use eformsign and you can use eformsign on mobile using a browser without installing an app.

What is eformsign Form Builder?

Form Builder, which is provided as an MS Office add-in, is a tool for creating electronic forms to be used in eformsign. It is used to transform existing forms such as application forms, contracts, and agreements into electronic forms that can be filled in and signed in PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Form Builder can be installed in MS Office 2010 and later in Windows. You can download it here.

When is a document counted as a created document?

A document is counted as a created document when it is available to be opened in a document box.

When you create a document using New from template, the document count is incremented the moment the document is saved in eformsign by clicking Save as draft, Send, or Complete.

When you create a document using New from my file, the document count is incremented the moment you click the Send button after clicking Start now. However, if you save the document as a draft by clicking the Save as a draft button before clicking Start now, the document count is not incremented.

Once a document is created, it counts as just one document created throughout the course of the workflow.

Can I void a document that has been sent?

Yes. After sending a document to a recipient, you can void that document whether it’s because you incorrectly entered wrong recipient information, you need to make some edits, etc.

Once a document is sent, you can view it in the In progress document box. You can void a document by clicking the Void  button under the name of the document.

Note that even if you void a document, the voided document still counts as a created document.

Is there a limit to the number of steps in a workflow?

There is no limit to how many steps you can add in a workflow.

However, there can only be a maximum of 30 participant steps.

What steps can exist in a workflow?

The default workflow consists of Start and Complete steps. You can add three more types of steps as follows.

  • Participant: This recipient can fill in and sign documents.
  • Reviewer: This recipient can only approve or reject documents.
  • Need to view: This recipient can only open documents.
What happens to rejected documents?

When a document is rejected, the document returns to the previous step right before the document rejection. This step can be a Participant step (member) or Reviewer step (member) or the Start step.

The content of the document itself also goes back to the status of the applicable step. For example, if the document goes back to a Participant/Reviewer step, the content of the document goes back to what it was at that Participant/Reviewer step, and if the document goes back to the start step, the content of the document does back to what it was at the Start step.

The document in the In progress document box is shown as Reject.

If you turn on the notifications for “When documents are rejected” in Template settings > Notification settings, then notifications will be sent when documents are rejected.

What’s the difference between a “step” and “status” of a document?
  • Step: “Step” indicates a step that is set in a workflow. Based on the needs of each workflow in the form of START-COMPLETE, you can add different steps which are Participant, Reviewer, and Need to view.
  • Status: “Status” indicates the status of the step in which a document is currently in such as In progress, Completed, and Voided.
What is template “deployment”?

Deploying a template is the action of publishing a template so that documents can be created out of that template.

When deploying a template, the user registered as the creator of the template can create new documents from that template in New from template.

Is it possible to verify the signer’s identity?

In eformsign, when requesting a signature from a signer, you can set multiple levels of authentication to verify that the signer really is him/her.

  • Email/SMS verification: Before opening a document, the signer must enter the PIN sent to their email address/mobile number.
  • Password verification: Before opening a document, the signer must enter the password set by the document creator.
I cannot find a previously used template in the “New Document” menu.

If you cannot find a previously used template, then one of the following may be the cause.

  1. The creation period of the template may have expired.
  2. The number of templates that can be created may have exceeded.
  3. The template manager may have deactivated the template.

In such cases, please contact the template manager or the admin of the company that your account belongs to.

I made changes to a template, but the changes aren’t applied when creating a new document out of it.

To be able to create a new document out of an updated template with the changes applied, you need to deploy the template first.

If you do not deploy a template after making changes to it, then the changes may not be applied to the template.

Templates that have been changed but not yet deployed are indicated with a red dot right above the template name in the “Template Management” menu.

You can deploy a template by clicking the “see more” button (︙) and then selecting “Deploy”.

Changes are applied only to documents created after the template is deployed.

It takes too much time to execute the form builder in Excel.

OZ in Excel pre-checks “Used Range” during conversion to execute the contents of a spreadsheet. If you arbitrarily resize rows or columns, it may take quite some time to recognize the entire resized area as a used area for conversion. In such a case, you can decrease the conversion time using the following method.

  1. Select all the empty cells of the first row in the created document.
  2. Drag the vertical scroll bar on the right with a mouse until it is at the bottom and then select the last row while pressing on the shift key (select range).
  3. Right-click on the row and select the delete menu to delete the entire selected rows.
  4. Delete the columns using the same method.
  5. Save the document and execute it again.
The page count of an Excel document is different in the form builder.

When the form builder is used in Excel, the preview screen that appears when clicking “Execute” in the form builder is generated based on the print area set in the “Print Area” menu under “PAGE LAYOUT”.

If the page count is different than what you expected when executing the builder, then please change the print area.

I can’t see the shapes added to my document in eformsign.

You can see the shapes you added to your Word or PowerPoint document in eformsign. However, this is not the case in Excel as it does not support shape conversion.

If you need to use shapes, please use Word or PowerPoint.

What’s the difference between the check field and the radio field?

The “check” field is used for selecting one or more items among multiple items to choose from while the “radio” field is used for only one item among multiple items to choose from.

When using the “radio” field, you must have the same field ID for all items to be able to select just one item.

> Read more

When I execute a document on the form builder, the document appears differently than shown on the Microsoft Office program.

A document created on a Microsoft Office program may appear differently when executed on the form builder. This is because of the differences in the composition and method in which documents and electronic documents are displayed on the screen.

For example, there may be instances where after executing the builder, the font looks the same but the text width looks different, resulting in different line breaks.

Therefore, it is recommended to frequently check the execution screen when creating a document using the form builder.


If you upload a document on eformsign in the Manage templates page, the uploaded document may look differently due to reasons such as font issue.

Therefore, we recommend you to upload PDF files for the best experience.

Can you use Excel formulas?

The following is the list of supported Excel formulas and functions.

  • Arithmetic
  • Operator precedence
  • Sign
  • Cell reference
  • Logical functions: IF, AND, OR, IFS
  • Math/trigonometric functions: ABS, MOD, PI, RADIANS, ROUND, ROUNDDOWN, ROUNDUP, SUM, TRUNC, SIN, COS, TAN
  • Statistical functions: AVERAGE, COUNT, COUNTA, MAX, MIN
  • String manipulation functions: LEFT, MID, RIGHT, LEN, LOWER, UPPER, SEARCH
  • Search/Matrix Functions:: MATCH, HLOOKUP, VLOOKUP
What is the purpose of field IDs?

It is a unique identifier used to identify each component.

You can use the field ID to specify the characteristics of each field such as edit restrictions and required fields.

Additionally, after creating a document, if you extract the input data and download it as a CSV file, the data list is displayed as field ID.

Can you use the form builder on mobile devices as well?

The form builder is a PC program and therefore cannot be used on mobile. To use the form builder on Windows PC, make sure that you have Microsoft Office version 2010 or later.

Can I use Form Builder in Office 2003 and 2007?

The form builder can only be used in Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions in the Windows environment. Older versions are not supported.

What are the supported Android and iOS versions?

Android is supported from 5.0 (Lollypop) and later, and iOS is supported from 6.1.6 and later.

I want to know the minimum specifications for using eformsign.

Please refer to the How To Use page for eformsign’s minimum specifications.