Can you pay by a debit card?

Yes. You can add a debit or credit card as the payment card on eformsign.

However, please note that when you are adding a payment card, you’ll need to go through identity verification.

Do I need to pay for my subscription in advance (prepay)?

You can prepay or post-pay depending on the paid plan.

  • Monthly plans: This is a post-pay plan in which you pay after every month of use. Note that in addition to the monthly subscription fee, you pay additional fees if you go over the monthly document limit or use additional options.
  • Prepaid plans: This is a prepay plan in which you top up credits or documents before using eformsign. You can top up documents to create and send documents and you can top up credits to use additional options.

Note that the prices in the pricing page do have include VAT. VAT may be different by country.

Price for each additional option

  • SMS: $0.1 USD / When sending a text message notification to a mobile number.
  • Timestamp: $0.5 USD / Used to prevent document forgery. Proves that the document has not changed since a certain point in time.


Will I be subscribed to a paid plan automatically after the free trial period ends?

No. eformsign does not ask for your payment card information in order to sign up for a free trial. Furthermore, even if you add payment card information, you will not be billed or charged until you subscribe to a paid plan.

I want to change my payment card.

Only the company administrator can change the payment card.

Go to Billing > Payment method settings > Add payment method in the sidebar to change the payment card.

If a contract is canceled or rejected, will the number of documents created still be incremented?

Yes. The moment you click the [Send] button after creating a document in ‘New from my file‘ or ‘New from template‘, it will count as a document created. Regardless of whether a contract is canceled or rejected, it counts as a document created, and is deducted from the number of documents that can be created under your subscription plan.

What happens if charges are overdue?

If payment has not been processed because the registered card limit has been exceeded or the card has expired, a payment failure email is sent and payment is retried at regular intervals.

After 1 day has passed since the initial payment failure, the company’s status changes to overdue, and the service use becomes restricted after 7 days have passed.

If you need any help, please contact the eformsign team.