Mass Creation of eDocuments

Get the job done swiftly

Generate up to thousands of eDocuments with just one click

One of the most powerful features allows users to mass generate docs with unique information like the personalized name field. It can be inserted into an eContract, eAgreement, or eDocument addressing different parties.

Simple as Excel with Preview

Create the same number of rows as the number of documents you want to create, then fill in the cells. This is the far best way to create more than 1,000 documents at once. Copy and paste are possible for sure. Also, there is an autofill feature just like Excel.

Double checking the numbers and input values is also important! Check how the created documents would look like in actual formats in preview.

FAQs on Mass Creation

  • I entered incorrect information while doing mass creation. Can I edit it again? open
    Once a batch is created, it will be processed as a separate document. You can find, edit, or delete the document in the document boxes.
  • How do I enter information related to external users when I do mass creation? open
    When creating a batch of documents with an external user process, a blue column area appears for external user's information according to the tempate settings such as name, phone number, email address, and authentication password. The external user will get a link to see the document through the email or SMS.
  • Does mass creation support all components? open
    Handwriting, toggle, and voice components are not supported in mass creation.