eContract & eAgreements

Build eContracts & eAgreements easily

  • Business Contract
  • Sales Agreement
  • Employment Agreement
  • Partner Contract
  • Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Legally binding eSignature

eformsign eSignature is developed to meet the legal requirements of the ESIGN act and UETA by allowing users to:
  • Verify signer’s identity with multi-factor authentication
  • Confirm signer’s intent to sign electronically
  • Have detailed audit trail of all saved eDocuments
  • Save eDocuments in safe eformsign cloud server
  • Have secure access to eformsign documents
  • Prevent any tampering by getting trusted timestamp on documents

Safeguard eDocuments with Audit Trail & Timestamp

Audit Trail

eformsign provides an audit trail certification containing comprehensive electronic records during the signing process. It safeguards eDocuments and prevent information from being tampered. The audit trail proves the authenticity of eDocuments and can be used as a piece of valid legal evidence.


Timestamp eDocuments and eContracts to prove the authenticity of data collected upon the completion of a business deal. eformsign complies with the Time Stamping Authority (TSA) and ensure that eContracts have not been tampered after signing.

Mass Create eContracts with Ease

Create hundreds of eContracts in just a few steps with the Mass Creation feature; review eContracts individually in the preview pane.

Speed Up Contracting Process

  1. Build eContract with eformsign

    Upload your existing contract form to eformsign.

  2. Fill & Submit eContract

    Fill out eContract and send a request via SMS or email to the approver for signing

  3. Sign eContract Electronically

    Approver access eContract after verification and sign eContract

  4. Save & Send a Copy of eContract

    The completed eContract is saved and the approver receives a copy of the eContract with audit trail certificate

Access eContract Anytime & Anywhere

  • Secure storage

    : All eDocuments are encrypted and stored in at least three different data centers.

  • Long-Term Preservation of eDocuments

    : All eDocuments are saved in PDF/A format, an ISO-standardized format for eDocuments retention.

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