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After closing an account, can you sign up again with the same account?

Yes, you can sign up again with the same account after closing one.

Do my clients need to sign up for eformsign?

Your client does not have to sign up for eformsign.

If you know the client’s mobile number or email address, you can send a signature request link via SMS or email, Once signed, the link will expire and the client will not be able to access the document.

You can also send a copy of the document (e.g. contract) to the client when the document is completed.

Do I need coding skills to use eformsign?

eformsign is a service that allows anyone to easily convert paper documents into electronic documents without coding skills. Anyone who can use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can create e-documents with eformsign.

I did not receive a sign-up confirmation email.

Please check your spam mailbox. If you do not receive an email within 3 minutes, then please click the resend button or try signing up again.