Notification Messages

How do I set SMS notifications?

You can do it in the workflow.

Select the desired template in the Manage templates page,click Configure at the top, and click the Workflow tab on the left.

Then, click the desired step and tick the SMS checkbox under the Notification option in Properties on the right.

*Each SMS notification message sent incurs a fee of $0.1 USD.

I am not receiving any emails from eformsign.

1. When using an email service provider – check the spam mailbox
Emails might sometimes be categorized as spam by some email service providers, so please check the spam mailbox. As well, make sure to mark the email as a favorite so that it won’t be in the spam mailbox again. If you are using Gmail, then check whether the email is in the Social or Promotions tab, or the Spam box.

2. When using a groupware
(A) The groupware service’s own spam-out server may recognize eformsign’s emails as spam and refuse to receive emails. In this case, please contact the person in charge of the groupware or the company that uses it and then enable the server to receive emails from eformsign.

(B) If you create an email account from a groupware and using it right it away, it make take some time before emails are received properly. If you still don’t receive emails even after enough time has passed, then please contact the eformsign team.

f you are using an email plugin, you can change the settings so that it doesn’t recognize eformsign emails as spam.

I am trying to send a document via SMS. Can I edit the content of the text message?

Yes. You can edit the content of the text message you want to sent.

1. Go to Manage templates > Template settings > Configure > Workflow.
2. Click on a recipient step in the workflow and then click the Edit notification message button under Properties on the right.
3. Edit the content in the pop-up window displayed and then click the Save button when done.

What do you need to do in order to send a document completion notification to the recipient?

Go to Manage templates > Template Settings > Notification settings > ‘When documents are completed’. Then, specify whether the document creator and/or step handler will receive a notification upon completion of the document by checking the check boxes as well as specifying the type of recipients (member, non-member, and all) by selecting the drop-down menu next to the check boxes.

Can I check the document status from my company’s website?

Yes, it is possible through webhook connection.

It is possible to send notifications to the website specified with the webhook feature.

For information on webhook integration, refer to the API documentation.