Automate Business Workflow

Customise the flow of eForm/eDocument with eformsign workflow

View, Edit and Approve eContract Even if You are on a Holiday

eformsign provides a powerful workflow for all stakeholders to view, edit and approve eContract. An employee or customer would be able to fill, sign and submit eContract online even if they are not a subscribed user. Different roles can be assigned to employees with different levels of access and permissions to access eDocuments.

Build an automated workflow with just 3 steps

eformsign's workflow is simple at its best. You can add as many of the steps below as you like between the basic workflows Start and Complete.

  1. Approval: Allowing a user to approve an eDocument.
  2. Internal recipient: Sending an eDocument to a member in your company to sign.
  3. External recipient: Sending an eDocument to a user outside of your company to sign.

Sending a sign request to a contracting party

  1. Start A company member creates and sends an eContract via email or SMS.
  2. External recipient The contracting party signs the eContract.
  3. Complete The eContract is archived and a copy is sent to the customer.

Sending a completed job application form to a member in your company

  1. Start An applicant sends a completed application form via a document URL.
  2. Internal recipient The department head accepts the application.
  3. Complete The application is archived.

Submitting a time-off request

  1. Start A company member creates a time-off request form and sends it to the approver for approval.
  2. Approve The approver approves or rejects the request. If rejected, the document goes back to the Start step.
  3. Complete The approved document is archived.

Basics of eformsign workflow

A list of configurable settings are built in to ensure all eDocuments are properly filled up and processed.
  1. Start

    • Document URL for external user: Creates an URL for all users to create, edit or view eDocument.
    • Set Document Number: Limit the maximum number of documents which can be created.
    • Set users or groups who can create the document: Specify the user or group so that only assigned users can create the document.
  2. Internal recipient

    • Select recipient: Selects the recipient that will receive the document.
  3. External recipient

    • Set document validity period: Set the expiration period for the document.
    • Set document password: Verification methods can be set as the recipient's name, identity number or email.
  4. Complete

    • Backup completed documents in external cloud storages: Save the completed document onto third-party cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
    • Timestamp documents when completed: Add timestamp to eDocument, recording the date and time the eDocument was completed and signed.
  5. Step-by-step control

    • Set accessible or required field: Validate eform to ensure all data are keyed into eForm.
    • Set notification: Send a notification to user with action required (Request/Approve/Decline/Complete) via text message, email or messengers.

FAQs on Workflow

  • Do recipients need to sign up to eformsign to sign eForms? open
    No, document creators can send signing requests to recipients via SMS.
  • Is there a verification step for recipients who have not signed up to eformsign (external recipients)? open
    Yes, document creators can choose a verification method (▲No password, ▲Recipient name, ▲Entered directly by the sender, ▲Select a field below) via Manage templates > Workflow > External recipient > Set password.
  • Can all the members of a company create documents? open
    Only members and groups with a document creation permission for a template can create new documents from that template. Document creation permission can be given to a member or group by the template manager via Manage templates > Template settings (Gear icon) > Set permissions > Template usage.