Automate Business Workflow

Customise the flow of eForm/eDocument with eformsign workflow

View, Edit and Approve eContract Even if You are on a Holiday

eformsign provides a powerful workflow for all stakeholders to view, edit and approve eContract. An employee or customer would be able to fill, sign and submit eContract online even if they are not a subscribed user. Different roles can be assigned to employees with different levels of access and permissions to access eDocuments.

Build an automated workflow with just 3 steps

eformsign's workflow is simple at its best. You can add as many of the steps below as you like between the basic workflows Start and Complete.

  1. Approval: Allowing a user to approve an eDocument
  2. Internal User Process: Notify a user when an eDocument is assigned
  3. External User Process: Send the eDocument to external users (E.g. Customers/suppliers)

Send the "Sign" request to the contracting party

단계 순서 Start - External User Process - Complete 단계 순서 Start - External User Process - Complete
  1. Start Create eContract
  2. External User Process Request for eSignature
  3. Complete Archives the eContract and send a copy to the customer

Send a completed job application form internally

단계 순서 Start - Internal User Process - Complete 단계 순서 Start - Internal User Process - Complete
  1. Start Applicant sends the completed application via document creation URL
  2. Internal User Process Department head accepts the application form
  3. Complete

Write a vacation leave

단계 순서 Start - Approve - Complete 단계 순서 Start - Approve - Complete
  1. Start Employee writes
  2. Approve Approver approves
  3. Complete

Basics of eformsign workflow

A list of configurable settings are built in to ensure all eDocuments are properly filled up and processed.
  1. Start

    • Document URL for external user: Creates an URL for all users to create, edit or view eDocument.
    • Set Document Number: Limit the maximum number of documents which can be created.
    • Set users or groups who can create the document: Specify the user or group so that only assigned users can create the document.
  2. Internal User Process

    • Set the person in charge: Set the person in charge of processing the document.
  3. External User Process

    • Set Document Expiration: Set the expiration period for the document.
    • Set password: Verification methods can be set as the recipient's name, identity number or email.
  4. Complete

    • Save to the third-party cloud: Save the completed document onto third-party cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
    • Timestamp: Add timestamp to eDocument, recording the date and time the eDocument was completed and signed.
  5. Step-by-step control

    • Set accessible or required field: Validate eform to ensure all data are keyed into eForm.
    • Set notification: Send a notification to user with action required (Request/Approve/Decline/Complete) via text message, email or messengers.

FAQs on Workflow

  • Should a contractee sign up to eformsign? open
    No, contractor can request for signature to contractee via email or SMS.
  • Is there a verification step for an external user (outsider)? open
    Yes. The user can choose the desired verification methods (▲No password, ▲Set password to recipient name, ▲Type in, ▲Set password to input field value) via Template Management > Workflow > External User Process > Authentication Type.
  • Can all members of the company create documents? open
    Only designated members with write-able access of the template can create the document. Write-able access can be given to the member or group by the template managers via Template Management > Template Settings (Gear icon) > Workflow > Start.