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Notification Settings

Receive notification when eDocument Status Changes

Real Time Notifications Across Channels

Set up a workflow for users to receive notifications via different channels such as Mobile Applications, Email, Text Message, etc. The workflow will push a notification to the user when changes occur.

Types of Notifications

  • Internal recipient Request/Approve/Decline
  • External recipient Request/Approve/Decline/Workflow Completed
  • Approval Request/Approve/Decline

Types of Channels

  • Push notifications via eformsign App
  • Email
  • Text Message (SMS)

Editing Notification Message

Types of information you can add to the notification message

The information which can be added to the notification

  • System Information

    • Creator, Created Time, Person-in-Charge
    • Type “$$ $$” tag on the edit page
  • Template Information

    • Input data of the template
    • Type “{{ }}” tag on the edit page

Attaching Documents to the Notification Message

Attach a document to the notification message for a user to download or view the attachment
  • Document view setting : Add “Document View URL” or button
  • Attach PDF (Download) : Attach the PDF file directly, or add a button for user to download attachment
  • Attach Audit Trail (Download) : Attach the audit trail directly, or add a button for user to download the audit trail

FAQs on Notification Settings

  • Are all notifications free? open

    Notifications are divided into free and paid notifications. Paid notifications are subject to a surcharge per incident.

    • Free notification channel: App push, email
    • Paid notification channel: SMS(local, international)

    Please check the price plan page for details.

  • Can I send a completed document file to an external user? open
    Yes. Go to Template Settings > Workflow > External user process > Notification tab > Edit and check "Attach PDF", then you can attach a PDF to the notification.
  • I want to edit the notification contents. open
    You can edit the notification contents by clicking "Edit" button in Template Settings > Workflow Settings > Notification tab for each step.