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What is eformsign Form Builder?

Form Builder, which is provided as an MS Office add-in, is a tool for creating electronic forms to be used in eformsign. It is used to transform existing forms such as application forms, contracts, and agreements into electronic forms that can be filled in and signed in PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Form Builder can be installed in MS Office 2010 and later in Windows. You can download it here.

Do I need coding skills to use eformsign?

eformsign is a service that allows anyone to easily convert paper documents into electronic documents without coding skills. Anyone who can use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can create e-documents with eformsign.

Does my client have to sign up for eformsign?

Your client does not have to sign up for eformsign. If you know the client’s mobile number or email address, you can send a signature request link via SMS or email, Once signed, the link will expire and the client will not be able to access the document.

You can also send a copy of the document(e.g. contract) to the client when the document is completed.

When is it counted as 1 document?

A document is counted as a created document when it is available to be opened in a document box.

When you create a document using New from template, the document count is incremented the moment the document is saved in eformsign by clicking Save as draft, Send, or Complete.

When you create a document using New from my file, the document count is incremented the moment you click the Send button after clicking Start now. However, if you save the document as a draft by clicking the Save as a draft button before clicking Start now, the document count is not incremented.

Once a document is created, it counts as just one document created throughout the course of the workflow.

Can Form Builder be installed only on a Windows PC?

eformsign Form Builder is only available on Windows PC. You need Windows 7 or higher operating system and MS Office 2010 or higher to use Form Builder without problems. However, once you have created and uploaded an e-form, you can use this form regardless of your device or operating system, including PC, tablet, and smartphone.

Can I use eformsign on smartphones and tablets?

Yes, you can use eformsign on smartphones and tablet PCs, we you can also download and use eformsign apps on mobile.

You can download the app on App Store and Google Play. For Android, version 5.0 (lollipop) and later are supported. For iOS, version 6.1.6 and later are supported.

Note that you do not need to install an app to use eformsign and you can use eformsign on mobile using a browser without installing an app.

Is it possible to verify the signer's identity?

In eformsign, when requesting a signature from a signer, you can set multiple levels of authentication to verify that the signer really is him/her.

  • Email/SMS pin code verification: Before opening a document, the signer must enter the pin code sent to their email address/mobile number.
  • Password verification: Before opening a document, the signer must enter the password set by the document creator.

Can I attach a file when creating a document?

Yes. If you use the attachment component in the form builder, you can attach a file when creating a document.

You can attach image files and PDF files, and the attached files are appended at the last page of the document.

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