Account Management

How do I login?

Click the ‘SIGN IN’ or ‘Start eformsign’ button at the top right corner of the eformsign homepage.

I am not receiving any emails from eformsign.

1. When using an email service provider – check the spam mailbox
Emails might sometimes be categorized as spam by some email service providers, so please check the spam mailbox. As well, make sure to mark the email as a favorite so that it won’t be in the spam mailbox again. If you are using Gmail, then check whether the email is in the Social or Promotions tab, or the Spam box.

2. When using a groupware
(A) The groupware service’s own spam-out server may recognize eformsign’s emails as spam and refuse to receive emails. In this case, please contact the person in charge of the groupware or the company that uses it and then enable the server to receive emails from eformsign.

(B) If you create an email account from a groupware and using it right it away, it make take some time before emails are received properly. If you still don’t receive emails even after enough time has passed, then please contact the eformsign team.

f you are using an email plugin, you can change the settings so that it doesn’t recognize eformsign emails as spam.

Can you use all features once you subscribe to a plan?

Yes, once you subscribe, you can use all features as well as a variety of additional features.


When you are on a monthly plan, using additional features will generate additional fees (equal to the amount used) in addition to the subscription fee.

* API/Webhook feature is not available in the Personal plan.


When you are on a prepaid plan, you need to buy credits in order to use additional features.


Price for each additional option

  • SMS: $0.1 USD / When sending a text message notification to a mobile number.
  • Timestamp: $0.5 USD / Used to prevent document forgery. Proves that the document has not changed since a certain point in time.
Are there any restrictions on how long or how many documents can be stored?

No. Documents created or completed using eformsign are stored without any limitations of the storage period or capacity.

However, if you are not subscribed to a paid plan after the free trial is over, there will be some restrictions to features such as downloading documents, and you will only be able to view documents. If you subscribe to a plan within 30 days, you can continue using the existing data.

※Upon completion of a contract, the completed document is also delivered to the email in which the document was signed and you can view the document there without the need to subscribe to a paid plan.

Can you delegate the company administrator role to another member?


Go to the Manage company > Company profile menu in the sidebar. Then, click Edit in the Detailed information section and click Delegate role. In the Delegate role pop-up displayed, select a member you want to delegate the role and enter the password. The company administrator role will have been delegated.

When subscribed to a monthly plan, if the number of documents created does not reach the monthly limit, then will the remainder roll over to the next month?

No. eformsign is a monthly subscription service. Hence, even if the number of documents created does not reach the monthly limit, then the remainder will not roll over to the next month.

What is the ‘Analytics and reporting’ submenu under the ‘Integration’ menu for?

The ‘Analytics and reporting’ feature allows you to connect to Google Sheets/Excel, and extract the data entered in your eformsign documents to Google Sheets/Excel and manage the data.

If you select a template you want to connect data with, then the data in the documents created with that template are automatically extracted to Google Sheets or Excel.

Do all data get deleted if you withdraw from a company?

If the company administrator of a company withdraws from a company, then all of the company data including documents and related information are permanently deleted. To withdraw without deleting a company, you must first delegate the company administrator role to a member. If a company is not deleted, then even when you withdraw from that company, the data about the documents you used/handled as a member (document history, messages, etc.) will not be deleted.

How do I close my account? / I want to cancel my subscription.

You can close your account in the link below. Note that when you close your account, all information will be permanently deleted and won’t be recoverable.You will be billed the day after your cancellation date for use of the service up to the date of cancellation, and payment will be due within 5 business days.


How to close your account and cancel your subscription

  1. Sidebar menu > See more button (︙) > My profile
  2. Click ‘Delete my eformsign account’ at the bottom of the page.
After closing an account, can you sign up again with the same account?

Yes, you can sign up again with the same account after closing one.

I lost my password. How do I login?

1. Click SIGN IN in the eformsign homepage > Enter your Email/ID and then click Next.
2. Click Forgot your password?
3. Check the I’m not a robot check box and click the Send password reset email button.
4. Click the Reset password button in the email message received to reset your password.

Do paid plans’ user account count include inactive members?

No. Inactive members are not counted.

The user count is the sum of active and invited members of your company.

User count = active members + invited members

Therefore, inactive members are not included in the user count of your company.

Can I change the account ID or the email address I used to create my account?

The account ID or the email address used when creating your account cannot be changed.

Can multiple users share one account?

According to eformsign’s terms and conditions, only one user per account is allowed.