Can I delete a completed document notification email?

1. It is recommended that you do not delete it. If you must delete it, them make sure to download and save the completed document file and the audit trail certificate file somewhere before deleting it.

2. If you delete the email, then you are also deleting the files attached. You can’t request the person who requested the document to get the document to be sent to you again.

※Deleting a contract is a choice made by the user, and eformsign is not liable for the consequences of the deletion.

If I change the language used in eformsign, will emails also be sent in that language?

No, even if the language is changed, emails won’t be sent in that language.

eformsign sends notifications or notices in the language of the country selected when signing up for an account.

If you need to send notifications or emails in a language other than the country selected when creating an account, then you can edit the notification template you want in the desired language.

Can you sign electronic contracts with parties outside of your country?

You can use eformsign for international contracts.

However, since the laws related to electronic contracts may differ by country (region and technology), it is recommended to sign contracts after reviewing the laws of the country of the contracting party.

When signing a contract with an overseas resident or company, you must carefully review eformsign’s Terms of Use before proceeding.


If you proceed with signing a contract through eformsign, it is deemed that you agree to eformsign’s Terms of Use, Terms of Use (Non-member), and Privacy Policy.

eformsign is not responsible for any legal problems in electronic contracts caused by not reviewing the relevant country laws of the contracting parties.

When contracting with overseas residents or overseas companies, it is recommended to make a request by creating/editing the email notification message in the template/document in the language of the country.

Do you need to affix a seal?

If you are writing a contract electronically using eformsign, you do not need to affix a seal. A seal is used to prevent manipulation of documents and to check forgery, and there is no legal obligation.

When conducting an electronic contract using eformsign, the actions of both the document requester and the participant are recorded in the audit trail certificate. Upon completion of the document, you can download the audit trail certificate along with the completion document and send it to the participant.

As well, you can check the authenticity of the document through the audit trail certificate as well as using a timestamp for a more reliable means of forgery verification. A timestamp is used for proving the status of a document at a certain point in time. Note that the timestamp is an additional option and incurs a fee of 0.5 USD per timestamp.

If a contract is canceled or rejected, will the number of documents created still be incremented?

Yes. The moment you click the [Send] button after creating a document in ‘New from my file‘ or ‘New from template‘, it will count as a document created. Regardless of whether a contract is canceled or rejected, it counts as a document created, and is deducted from the number of documents that can be created under your subscription plan.

Is eformsign an on-premises solution?

No. eformsign is a cloud solution.

It’s a solution that allows you to create, send, receive, and manage electronic documents anywhere with an internet connection. It’s a monthly subscription so you can pay as you go, on-demand. If you want to use eformsign on your company’s service (e-commerce site, homepage, app, etc.) then you can do it via API integration.

In the case where according to your company policy it may be a problem to store documents on the cloud on eformsign, then an on-premises solution is also available.

For more information, contact the eformsign team.

What is the ‘Analytics and reporting’ submenu under the ‘Integration’ menu for?

The ‘Analytics and reporting’ feature allows you to connect to Google Sheets/Excel, and extract the data entered in your eformsign documents to Google Sheets/Excel and manage the data.

If you select a template you want to connect data with, then the data in the documents created with that template are automatically extracted to Google Sheets or Excel.

Do all data get deleted if you withdraw from a company?

If the company administrator of a company withdraws from a company, then all of the company data including documents and related information are permanently deleted. To withdraw without deleting a company, you must first delegate the company administrator role to a member. If a company is not deleted, then even when you withdraw from that company, the data about the documents you used/handled as a member (document history, messages, etc.) will not be deleted.

Do I need coding skills to use eformsign?

eformsign is a service that allows anyone to easily convert paper documents into electronic documents without coding skills. Anyone who can use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint can create e-documents with eformsign.

How do you view timestamps in documents?

To view the timestamp in a time-stamped document, open the document with Adobe Acrobat Reader (Download Adobe Reader). Once opened, you’ll be able to see the document’s certification status at the top of the document where you can click the signature panel to check the validity of the signature.

What’s the difference between an E-signature and digital signature?

An E-signature is a signature in an electronic format that replaces the role of a traditional wet ink signature. When signing electronically, you must go through a verification process that proves that the signer is him/herself just like when a person signs in the traditional wet signature method.

When verifying one’s identity, email, social security number, password, phone number, and digital certificate are used as a means of identity verification.

Typically, E-signatures go through a 1-step verification process, but users can choose to have a 2-step verification process according to user-defined settings. This results in a more secure and reliable identity verification.

A digital signature is a type of E-signature that differs from E-signature in that it goes through a specific method of identity verification. A digital signature uses a certificate-based digital ID to verify the signer’s identity and proves the authenticity of the signature in a document through encryption.

While a digital signature has the advantage of being more legally-binding, its disadvantage is that all the people signing electronically must have a digital signature issued to them in order to sign.

What is an audit trail?

An audit trail is a record that contains the processing information of an electronic document. It contains all the information related to the document including its basic information, creation information, processing history, and signature history. It is used to verify the processing of documents, participant information, and signature date and time.

What is a timestamp?

A timestamp is a service that verifies the status of documents at a specific point in time. It proves that an electronic document existed at the time it finished being completed and was not modified after. Timestamps are often used to protect the integrity of important documents requiring forgery verification.

If you configure the settings to use a timestamp when creating a document in eformsign, a timestamp is applied to the document via GlobalSign’s certificate and a fee of $0.5 USD incurs.

Timestamps are often used to protect the integrity of valuable documents that need to be checked for forgery. eformsign’s timestamp service is provided through a certification body that meets the timestamp standard RFC-3161. Timestamps in PDF files can be viewed when opened with Adobe Reader.

What languages are supported?

eformsign supports English, Korean, and Japanese.