Application Form & Request Form

Quicker & easier way to fill & sign eForms

  • Membership Application Form
  • Employment Application Form
  • Registration Form
  • Purchase Request Form

Enhance customer satisfaction with a quicker and easier application process

  • View application forms across platforms and devices
  • Send application outcome to applicant automatically once it has been processed
  • Save and view application forms electronically anytime and anywhere

Create workflows tailored to your organization’s structure

  • Streamline eDocument processes with eformsign workflow feature
  • Create a seamless process involving multiple stakeholders in an organization
  1. Start
  2. User fill out application form
  3. Customer servier officer submit the application form
  4. Manager from the relevant department to approve or reject application
  5. Automatically update applicant of the outcome
  6. Complete

Accelerate Application Process

  1. Build Application Form with eformsign

    Upload your existing application form to eformsign.

  2. Create Application Form Link

    Send application form link to applicants for filling and submitting

  3. Process Submitted Application Form

    Approver to approve or reject submitted application form

  4. Keep Applicant Informed of the Outcome

    Inform applicants of the outcome of the application with a copy of the application form via SMS or email

Access eContract Anytime & Anywhere

  • Secure storage

    : All eDocuments are encrypted and stored in at least three different data centers.

  • Long-Term Preservation of eDocuments

    : All eDocuments are saved in PDF/A format, an ISO-standardized format for eDocuments retention.

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