How To Use

Get ready for eformsign

Welcome to eformsign!

eformsign is an eDocument cloud service which anyone can instantly create eDocument, utilize it to one’s business, and archive safely.

Put your business document data into practical use and manage better with our e-doc solution service.

Get ready to create a form

Download Form Builder

Once the Form Builder is installed, the user may convert any Word, PowerPoint, and Excel document into an eformsign form.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Desktop OS : Windows 7 or later
  • Microsoft Office : Microsoft Office 2010 or later

Form Builder gets installed as a Microsoft Add-in. Open Word, PowerPoint, or Excel after the installation. You can see that OZ in Word / OZ in PowerPoint / OZ in Excel has been added to each Microsoft Office program.

Get ready to use eformsign

eformsign supports all desktop, tablet PC, and mobile devices.

Minimum System Requirements

  • Desktop OS
    • Windows 7 or later version
    • OS X Mavericks or later version
  • Browser
    • Internet Explorer : 11 or later version
    • Chrome : 49 or higher version
    • Safari : 9 or later version
  • Mobile OS
    • iOS: 6.1.6 or later version
    • Android: 5.0(Lollipop) or later version

Download Mobile App

eformsign App is not mandatory to use the service. However, if you intend to use eformsign often, it is highly recommended to get an app.