Fill Out eForms Automatically with Autofill

Make better use of your time for more important business tasks.

Save time and improve accuracy

Do you find yourself keying in the same set of information (e.g. name, contact number, email, etc.) repeatedly into different forms? The e-doc Autofill feature fills in information automatically according to the information that the user has used previously. Autofill extracts information from the data saved in your local hard disk drive.

How Autofill Works in eformsign?

  • User Information

    The automation rule fills up a user’s contact information onto eForm
  • Group Information

    Configure the settings to capture the department, person-in-charge, contact details, etc
  • Cached Data

    Captures recent input data to fill up eForm
  • Date

    The date will be automatically filled up on eForm based on the creation date

Configuring eformsign Autofill

User Info. / Group Info. / Recent Input Data

  1. Sign in to eformsign.
  2. Launch the main eformsign menu.
  3. Go to 'Manage templates' and select the template you want to configure.
  4. Click on the "Setting" icon, select "Fields" from the left menu.
  5. Set the "Data source" to the desired value.

Autofill for user's name and signature date

  1. Use User, Date component when creating the document with form builder.
  2. Select the desired type on each property.

FAQs on AutoFill

  • What writer's information is available for autofill? open
    Information that can be auto-filled is the member information stored in eformsign. You can register the ID, name, department, job title, phone number, mobile phone number, etc. for each member in Manage company > Manage members.
  • Can I automatically enter the date of the signature? open
    In the Form Builder(your Excel, Word, PowerPoint), you can use the 'Date' Component to automatically enter the date of the moment you sign. You can place the 'Date' component where the signed date should be entered, then select 'Last modified date of the content' in the Component Properties > Date Type, and enter the ID of the signature component in the document.
  • Can I autofill 'recent input value' in mass creation? open
    Yes, when 'Recent input value' autofill is set in the Template settings > Field, the lastest input value is automatically entered even when mass creation is made.