eformsign considers user data security as the first priority

Various documents such as contract, application, system report, and others containing crucial information of customers get stored in eformsign system.

Based on customer’s trust, we, eformsign service team are trying our best to meet the most complex and peculiar security standards.

eformsign is fully aware of a complete security needs of document process from the baseline of user’s sign up to document sending, receiving, and storing the data.

eformsign system has been delicately structured to meet those security needs and will continue to suffice these standards.

View Document Status and History in Real-time

All document status and history data including document creator, create date, workflow handler, status change date, notification logs, and all messages in each workflow step are recorded from the moment a document is created.

The document status and history are shown when selecting the desired document in a "Documents" menu or the “Manage documents” menu. The document status and history of that document are displayed on the tabs on the right. These records are retained as long as the document is stored in eformsign.

Audit Trail Certificate

eformsign utilizes Amazon Cloud Platform for cloud service. All encrypted data gets stored in Amazon S3(Amazon Simple Storage Service). All of the user data gets automatically copied into three separate data center then stored. Each three data centers are physically and geographically separated so the data would be safe from any fire, flood, and other natural disasters. Each of the data centers are only accessible after 2-step verification and also gets surveils and leaves the history of all access.

Trusted Timestamp

A feature which stamps the document at a certain condition at a certain period (time). This proves that the document has not been changed or modified after the stamped period. It is a commonly used technology for securing the integrity of the document after its completion. eformsign’s timestamp gets issued via the system which suffices the intense requirement of timestamp standard RFC-3161. The timestamped PDF file can be checked its history when opened with Adobe Reader.

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