FORCS Releases OZ 9.0, Now Smarter With AI

Allows users to create complex contracts with ease by simply conversing with AI.

– Automatically extracts and fills out fields in e-documents by listening to the conversation between the customer service agent and the customer.

Earned the prestigious Good Software (GS) certification and the Software Accessibility (SA) certification in South Korea.

FORCS, renowned for its expertise in e-document and e-contract solutions, has released the much-awaited 9.0 version of OZ e-Form and OZ Report. Widely acknowledged as industry leaders, these solutions have garnered the highest number of references within South Korea’s financial and public sectors, solidifying their reputation for excellence and innovation.

The new version introduces an innovative input method for e-document creation, leveraging advanced voice recognition and AI technology. Additionally, the company has implemented robust solutions that enable seamless virtual face-to-face interactions, ensuring reliable service delivery in digital environments.

A recent enhancement is the integration of the conversation-based DialogueFlow feature, enabling users to fill in form fields using speech recognition while engaging with their device’s interface. This feature streamlines the process of filling out intricate forms on mobile devices by providing on-screen guidance, resulting in a seamless and natural form-filling experience. Questions displayed on the screen are automatically read aloud, enabling users to effortlessly fill out fields using voice commands, eliminating the need for keyboards, touchscreens, or gestures. Leveraging advanced natural language analysis, FORCS’s speech recognition accurately interprets phrases such as “tomorrow” or “a week from now” as dates, seamlessly entering the correct information into the fields.

In addition to the DialogueFlow feature, the latest version of OZ seamlessly integrates AI machine reading technology to enable the extraction and auto-filling of fields in e-documents directly from natural conversations between customer service agents and customers. This technology empowers OZ products to adeptly manage complex and diverse conversations through the application of generative AI. In fact, the company has filed a patent application named “LLM-based electronic document creation device through natural language conversation and method of electronic document creation using the same” for this technology.

Moreover, the latest version brings advanced features for synchronizing forms in real-time and collaborating on forms with multiple parties. These enhancements improve virtual interactions, making virtual face-to-face service more reliable. They are particularly useful when new forms are added while filling out existing ones, requiring guidance from multiple customer agents simultaneously. Additionally, they benefit situations involving multiple stakeholders in insurance policies. These updates are designed to meet the changing requirements of remote banking and align well with modern trends such as non-face-to-face video teller systems and visible telemarketing systems.

Additionally, FORCS has made substantial enhancements to the development environment and performance, resulting in reduced time for template development and maintenance. Additionally, the company has bolstered user experience and security measures. Now, when signing documents, the signer’s facial image is securely stored alongside the signature to deter signature fraud. Furthermore, the company has introduced a QR code verification feature to ensure the authenticity of the signed documents.

Furthermore, the latest version includes support for open standard documentation. This feature enables users to save reports created in OZ as DOCX, HWPX, and ODT files. ODT files saved in OZ are fully compatible with ODT editors used in public institutions.

Mikyung Park, CEO of FORCS, said, “OZ 9.0 was developed to meet various customer requirements and address the growing demand for digital transformation and virtual workspaces across different sectors like the finance and the public sectors. She also stated, “Our focus wasn’t solely on technical enhancements but also on optimizing performance to adapt to customers’ evolving business requirements. Additionally, we prioritized user-friendliness, especially for those who may be less familiar with digital tools.”

OZ e-Form 9.0 and OZ Report 9.0 have undergone rigorous testing to confirm their technical capabilities and stability, resulting in their certification at GS level 1. GS certification is a national quality certification granted by the Korea Telecommunications Technology Association (TTA) to products meeting excellent quality standards outlined in ISO/IEC 25023, 25041, and 25051 international standards.

They are also Software Accessibility (SA) certified, which ensures that the software is accessible to all users, including vulnerable populations such as people with disabilities and the elderly. Files saved in OZ can also be converted to Braille for the visually impaired (BRL).