[2021/10/21] Enhancements made in the October update!

Greetings from eformsign!

Introducing the new features added to eformsign in the October 21st update.

[New] Check out our newly added ‘Handwriting’ component for word tracing🤗

We’ve added the Handwriting component to Web Form Designer and Form Builder. You can use this component when you want to trace text while filling in a form.


  1. To use the component, simply add the Handwriting component in the desired location, and then type in the text under Show Word Tracing in the component properties on the right.
  2. When filling in the component, users will be able to trace the text shown on the component.

[Enhancement] Get more insights with the revamped Usage Status page 👀

The Usage status page now includes the Usage details page which allows you to view the data of weekly and monthly data for documents used by each member.

You can view a chart and table of the status of documents (drafts, in progress, completed, void requested, voided, and deleted) for each member.

And best of all, you can download all data in CSV format!🤗

[Enhancement] The ‘Document naming rule’ feature, easier to use than ever before! 😎

Instead of manually typing in $$ and {{ to set a document naming rule for a template, you can now simply click the Add reserved word button and then select either General info or Component ID.

We will do our best to serve you better.
Thank you.

Team eformsign

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