[eformsign] Enhancements made in the October update! ?

Greetings from eformsign!

Introducing the new features added to eformsign in the October 22nd update.

Web Form Designer, now easier than ever!

Web Form Designer, which allows users to create a template simply by uploading a PDF file, has been updated with better functionality for a better user experience.

Adding components: from drag and drop→ point and click?

The method of adding components in Web Form Designer has been changed from drag and drop to point and click. The change was made because many users find the point and click method to be more user friendly. Just simply click on a component you want and then click on the area you want to add the component.

Components enhanced?

  • Radio component
    You can now enter a value under “Value displayed when selected” in component properties when adding a radio component. When there are multiple radio components with the same ID, the data value of the selected radio component is stored. The stored value can be downloaded as a PDF and is searchable when searching for a document.
  • Attachment component
    When you attach a file using the attachment component, the attachment component now automatically displays the text, “Attached”.

Void feature for document managers and company administrators

Q. What is the void feature?

The void feature voids a created document. If there is something wrong with the content of the document or you need to create a document again from scratch, this feature allows you to void a document in progress.

Read this if you are a company administrator or a document manager!

  • BEFORE : Only the document creator can void documents.
  • AFTER : In addition to the document creator, company administrators and document managers (with document void permission) can void documents regardless of the document status.

Q. How to you give document void permission?

This permission can be set by the company administrator only. Manage templates > Template settings > Set permissions > In ‘Document management’, select a member or group that will manage documents and then check the option for voiding documents.

Easier to find the ‘Save as draft’ button! ?

Since the ‘Save as draft’ button is used quite frequently, we decided to place it in a location that is easier to be seen.

  • BEFORE : You need to click the see more button to see the ‘Save as draft’ button when saving a document as a draft.
  • AFTER : You can see the ‘Save as draft’ button directly at the top bar menu.

Note that this change was made only in PC and tablet screens. In smartphone screens, you need to click the see more button to see the ‘Save as draft’ button just as before.

We will do our best to serve you better.
Thank you.
eformsign Service Team


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