Fill, Sign and Submit with eformsign

Cloud-based eForm service for anyone to build eForm easily

Create eForm without coding skills

Your MS Office Becomes e-Form Builder

Anyone without programming skill would be able to build eForm from scratch!

Download and install eformsign Form builder(OZ add-ins) into Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint. Over 13 types of input components available for you to all necessary information for different types of eForms (eContract, eAgreement, eSurvey, eChecklist, etc.)

Legally Binding eSignature to Speed Up Business Transactions

eformsign eSignature is not just a wet ink signature. It stores important information like the signer’s geolocation, IP address, browser types and more to ensure the credibility and legality of an eDocument. On top of that, you can also set up authentication to verify the signer’s identity before letting someone sign an eDocument.

Streamline Business Processes with eformsign Workflow

Flexible workflow for internal & external documentation

Scenario: Customer onboarding eForm

“An administrator fills up “Customer Details” section on an eDocument and the Product Manager fills up the “purchased products” on a customer onboarding eForm. The Sales Manager needs to approve the eDocument before sending to the customer for signing.”

Different roles and permissions can be assigned to the different parties involved in creating, filling, submitting and signing eForm with eformsign workflow.

Keeping Your Data Safe and Secure is Our Priority

All data saved in your eformsign account is in our safe hands. Our team of IT experts take all possible measures to ensure all data is safe and secure.

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  • Create an eDocument

    Replace existing paper document with eDocument

  • Manage and Utilize Document Data

    All data saved to your account can be exported as CSV/PDF