How To Use

Signup eformsign

Signing up eformsign is simple.
Experience two months of eformsign free trial after the signup.

Required information

What happens after the signup

  • 1 Your company gets created.
    Based on the company name that you have entered during the signup process, the company gets created.
  • 2 You are the company administrator.
    The administrator has access on all menu including template and documents. Admin can give or take access of other members at any time.
  • 3 You can access eformsign dashboard.
    You can create a template and use all eformsign features related to the document.
  • 4 You can use eformsign free for two months.
    During the free trial, you can invite 9 members and create 100 documents.

Explore eformsign menu

Only admin can access all the menu. Members hold access to a limited number of menu based on the given access from the admin.

  1. 1 New document
    : Can look up the templates which can be written into a document and create the document.
  2. 2 Documents
    : Can look up the document lists and each document’s status and history.
  3. 3 Manage documents
    : Document managers (selected for each template) can manage and check documents.
  4. 4 My signature
    : Can register one’s signature
  5. 5 Manage templates
    : Can look up uploaded templates.
  6. 6 Manage company
    : Can look up and edit company profile and member information.
  7. 7 Integration
    : Can configure third party cloud storage and manage access keys.
  8. 8 Billing
    : Can look up service usage and payments.
  9. 9 Usage Status
    : Can look up weekly, monthly, and yearly service usage.