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Only the admin can access all the menus. Members have access to a limited number of menus according to the access granted by the admin.

  1. 1 New document
    : Shows the menus in which you can create a document by uploading a file from your computer or selecting a template uploaded to eformsign.
  2. 2 Drafts
    : Shows the list of documents saved as draft when creating a document by accessing the New from my file menu.
  3. 3 Documents
    : Can look up the document lists and each document’s status and history.
  4. 4 Manage documents
    : Document managers (selected for each template) can manage and check documents.
  5. 5 My signature
    : Can register one’s signature
  6. 6 Manage templates
    : Can look up uploaded templates.
  7. 7 Manage company
    : Can look up and edit company profile and member information.
  8. 8 Integration
    : Can store documents on external cloud storages and, create API keys and webhooks.
  9. 9 Billing
    : Can change subscriptions, look up real-time billing, and select a payment method.
  10. 10 Usage Status
    : Can look up weekly, monthly, and yearly service usage.