How To Use

Invite members and give access

Invite coworkers and colleagues. With the categorized levels of access, the documents may be managed more securely.

Invite a member

Invite members to use eformsign together. The invitation URL can be sent via email or a cell phone number. (During the free trial, you can invite 9 members. Number of the maximum members vary based on the price plan.)

How to invite a member

Administrator Company Manager
  1. 1 Login to eformsign.
  2. 2 Move to Company Management > Member Management menu.
  3. 3 Click the ‘Invite a Member’ button on the right upper corner.
  4. 4 Enter EMAIL/ID for email invitation and SMS or cell phone (text message) invitation.
  5. 5 Click the ‘+’ icon after inserting the email or cell phone number.
  6. 6 Click ‘SEND’ button.

Once the invited member joins eformsign via invitation link, the company invitation shows up. Once the user accepts the company invitation, the user will be shown as an ‘ACTIVE MEMBER’ on Company Management > Member Management.

Set access

The access can be given to each member. In eformsign, there are 5 accesses. Admin holds all 5 of them.


  1. Can access all menu.
  2. Can lookup, create, manage all documents.
  3. If the admin has to be changed, the admin may waiver one’s right and set another member as admin.
  4. How to set other people as an admin : (Admin) Company Management > Company Profile > click ‘Delegate Role’ button.

Company Management

  1. Can access company management menu.
  2. Can edit or lookup company, group, and member information.
  3. How to set other people as company manager : (ADMIN) Company Management > Member Management > check ‘Company Management’ option.

Template Management

  1. Can access Template Management menu
  2. Can register, edit, publish, and delete the template.
    • Template Manager who has registered the template becomes the ‘Template Owner’
    • If there is more than one template manager in the company, the template owner and template manager can be different.
    • If the template manager is not the owner of the template, one can only check the template settings and duplicate the template.
  3. How to give the access : (ADMIN) Company Management > Member Management > Member’s Detail > check ‘Template Management’ option.

Document Creation

  1. The document creator can be assigned for each template.
  2. Once the member gets assigned as a creator, the member may create the document using the template on “New Document” menu.
  3. How to give the access: (Admin, Template Manager) Template Management > Template Settings > Workflow Settings > Start step tab > Manage the members who can create the document.

Document Management

  1. Can assign document manager for each template.
  2. The document manager can look up, delete the document.
  3. How to give the access: (ADMIN, template manager) Template Management > Template Settings > Set a document manager > Select member or group among the list.