Security and Compliance

eformsign considers user data security as the first priority

Trusted Timestamps for Data Integrity

A trusted timestamp is a secure process that certifies the state of a document at a precise moment in time. It serves as irrefutable evidence, confirming the document's existence at the time of completion and ensuring its integrity by attesting that it has undergone no alterations since.

eformsign's trusted timestamp feature logs the exact date and time when eDocuments are saved and edited, adhering to the globally recognized timestamp standard – RFC-3161. Accessible through popular tools like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, this timestamp information empowers users to effortlessly verify the integrity of their eDocuments.

eformsign document authenticity checker

Documents created with eformsign can be verified for authenticity by using the 'eformsign document authenticity checker'. The original verification key (hash value) granted at the time of document creation is compared with the target document to verify the authenticity of the document.

The eformsign audit trail feature contains crucial information such as the document info, eSignature info, document transaction history, IP address, and device and browser info. These pieces of information are crucial for business deals as they give contracting parties a detailed record of the changes made to an eDocument.

Check the Status and History of eDocuments

Document's status and history can be checked on all document boxes. By this, the user may see which process the document is currently in or who had received which notification then downloaded the file.

Types of Information Recorded

  • eDocument workflow

    Information about the person-in-charge such as the name, email, contact number, processed date, etc.
  • History of eDocument

    Notification alert such as email, SMS, push notification or messenger sent previously, timestamp information, transfer history, etc.

FAQs on Security and Compliance

  • How do I set a timestamp? open

    The timestamp feature can be set only by the admin or template managers.

    1. Click the Template Settings icon of the desired template via eformsign login > Manage templates.
    2. In the Workflow tab, check the 'Timestamp the document when completed' option in the Complete step.

    Now, whenever the document completes its workflow process, the completed PDF document gets timestamped. The record can be checked at any time by opening the document with Adobe Reader.

  • How can I check a document that has a timestamp applied? open
    To check a document that has been timstamped, the document needs to be opened in Adobe Acrobat Reader.(Download link) When opened with Adobe Acrobat Reader,You will see whether the document is certified at the top of the document and click the Signature panel to verify the validity of the signature.
  • What is an audit trail? open
    An audit trail is a record which shows all of the document's process. It contains the document's basic information, written information, process flow, signature information etc. Audit trail is used to check the details of the document.