How To Use

Create a document

Administrator Template Manager

Let’s create a document using the uploaded template (only members with the Template manager role can create documents). Also, let's take a look at the Documents menus which are 'In progress', 'Action required', and 'Completed'.

Create a new document

  1. 1 Login to eformsign.
  2. 2 Go to the 'New document' menu.
  3. 3 Select a template to create a document from.
  4. 4 Create a document and click the 'Complete' button.

Using the Documents

Created documents are stored in the three Documents (In progress, Action required, and Completed) according to the document status.

eformsign - How To Use, Create a document, Created documents are stored into three document boxes depending on its status
  • In progress
    : Displays the documents created by you. Also displays the documents in the workflow that have yet to be completed, but participated by you.
  • Action required
    : Displays the documents you need to respond to. Also displays the documents sent to external recipients in which you are waiting for a response.
  • Completed
    : Displays all the documents you have participated in.