For Client’s Success - FORCS

FORCS is recognized as the leading electronic document and reporting solutions provider in Korea. The company has contributed to the advancement of Korea’s software industry for the past 27 years and has over 5,000 customer references across industry sectors. Today, the company’s operations span across Asia and Europe, with offices in Korea (HQ), the UK, Japan, and Singapore.

  • 5,000 happy customers

  • Public-listed on KOSDAQ

  • 27 years of experience

  • Market leader in Korea

  • 100+ business partners

Korea’s Leading Reporting Tool Software Provider

Leading the growth of the e-document market across industry sectors

Established in 1995, FORCS developed and released a web-based reporting solution named OZ Report in response to customer demand. With the introduction of the e-government in Korea in the 2000s, OZ Report was selected as an e-governance software for Korea’s government institutions such as the Supreme Court of Korea and the National Tax Service. This enabled OZ Report to establish itself as the official reporting tool software of Korea and contribute to the advancement of the nation’s e-government services.

Expansion Into the Paperless Business

Driving digital transformation by developing digital bank branches in over 70% of Korea’s commercial banks

With the development of its e-document solution called OZ e-Form, FORCS was able to positively impact the environment by reducing paper documents in workplaces. Additionally, the solution’s other benefits such as cost reduction and productivity improvement contributed to the development of digital workplaces. FORCS has references in over 70% of Korea’s commercial banks in the development of digital bank branches and all three of the nation’s telecommunications providers currently use OZ e-Form as their e-document solution. As well, the company has over 5,000 references around the globe with many of them being multinational companies such as Samsung, Hyundai, and LG.

Expansion Into the Global Market

Global expansion driven by FORCS’s status as Korea’s leading e-document solution provider

With the establishment of subsidiaries in Japan (2014) and Singapore (2015) as well as a sales office in Europe (2019), FORCS has laid the foundation in becoming a global software company. Through its subsidiaries, the company is expanding its presence in markets including Europe and the Americas as well as Asia. Currently, the company has exported its e-document technology to over 20 countries including China, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Mongolia, Serbia, Columbia, and France. With surging interest in digital transformation in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, sales inquiries for e-document projects have been rapidly increasing, especially from Asian financial institutions.

Continuous Innovation in E-document Technology

First in the world to develop an e-document platform with integrated speech recognition and AI capabilities

In efforts to enable users to easily and conveniently create e-documents, FORCS has continued to focus on research and development of more user-friendly input methods. As a result, users now have the ability to select many different convenient input methods such as chatbot, gesture, and handwriting recognition. Currently, the company is developing a technology that uses AI machine learning to extract questions and answers from conversations between agents and customers, and then automatically enter them into e-documents.