Document Creation

Can I attach a file when creating a document?

If you use the attachment component in the form builder, you can attach a file when creating a document.

You can attach image files and PDF files, and the attached files are appended at the last page of the document.

When is a document counted as a created document?

A document is counted as a created document when it is available to be opened in Document Box.

Hence, the document count is incremented when a document is saved in eformsign by clicking “COMPLETE” or “SAVE DRAFT” at the top right corner of the screen after creating a document in the “New Document” menu.

In other words, a document is counted as a created document after completing the document creation process, going through the configured workflow.

Can I cancel an approval request in the case where I submitted a wrong approval request?

Yes. Please select “CANCEL REQUEST” in the “Pending Request” menu. In the case where it’s not possible to cancel a submitted approval request, you can cancel as shown below.

  1. When a document is in “COMPLETE” status: Submit a deletion request for the document by clicking “REQUEST DELETION” in the “Pending Request” menu, and then submit a new approval request in the “New Document” menu.
  2. When a document is not in “COMPLETE” status:
    1. In the case of document creators: You can cancel approval requests in the “Pending Request” menu of Document Box until the created document is received. If the request is already received by the approver, you can retrieve the document by clicking “REQUEST REJECTION” and then request approval again.
    2. In the case of internal users: You can cancel approval requests in the “Pending Request” menu of “Document Box”. If the request is processed by the internal user, then request rejection to retrieve the document and then request approval again.
What happens to rejected documents?

When a document is rejected, the document returns to the “Start” step or the “Internal User Process” step. The content of the document also returns to what it was in the “Start” step or the “Internal User Process” step. If returning to the “Start” step, the content returns to what it was when the creator first completed the document. If returning to the “Internal User Process” step, the content returns to what it was when the approver first received the approval request. The document status is indicated as “Approval Declined”, and if an email notification is set, then a notification is sent to the creator and the approver of the previous step stating that the approval has been declined.

What’s the difference between a “step” and “status” of a document?
  • Step: “Step” indicates a step that is set in a workflow. Based on the needs of each workflow in the form of START-COMPLETE, you can add different steps including Approval, Internal User Process, and External User Process.
  • Status: “Status” indicates the status of the step in which a document is currently in. For example, the document status of an approval step may be “Approval Requested”, “Approval Declined”, etc. As well, you can add the status for the temporary storage period in Template Settings. Just simply click the gear icon in the desired template in “Template Management” -> click “Workflow” -> click an internal process -> tick the “Status Setting” checkbox under the “Properties” on the right, and then type in the desired status and save. This allows to temporarily save the document in the desired state when creating a document.
Is it possible to verify the signer’s identity?

In eformsign, when requesting a signature from a signer, you can set multiple levels of authentication to verify that the signer really is him/her.

  • Email verification: Request a signature via the signer’s email. Only the owner of the email can sign.
  • Password verification: Requests the signer to enter the preset password when the signer opens the document.
  • Mobile phone identity verification: The document can be opened after verifying the identity of the signer’s mobile phone.
How do you create a form (template)?

The eformsign form builder must be installed in order to create forms.

To install the form builder, Microsoft Office 2010 or later must be installed in Windows PC. You can download it in the form builder download page.